Association of National Tourism Organization Representatives in Korea

Dear Tourism industry Partners and Supporters,

On behalf of all the members of The Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives in Korea, I am happy to welcome you to our website.

We all have a great privilege to help you explore or deepen your understanding of our countries and regions, which entrusted us with the mission of

attracting your attention, informing and enticing you so that our destinations are included in your travel offers or, if it is already a case, occupy a bigger place.

Our association, established in 1992 in Korea, shows great loyalty of the representatives of tourism from foreign countries.

It is a privilege, an honor and a joy to be present and active in the Korean market which is, without any doubt, one of the most dynamic places in the international travel industry.

Koreans’ increasing desire for travel, rapidly evolving channels of information, decision-making and purchasing methods, as well as international affairs which regularly impact the travel sector, place our Offices and representatives at the heart of the travel industry and the services provided for Korean consumers.

We appreciate all tourism professionals in Korea for their efforts and valuable collaboration.

With them, we share the same passion for building a strong partnership to attract Korean outbound travelers.

The members of ANTOR are aware of their essential role in the travel industry, and working together with me to listen and assist all the tourism professionals in Korea with an open heart.  

With best regards,


(c/o Director of France Tourism Development Agency)

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