Thank you for visiting the official website of the Association of National Tourism Organization in Korea (ANTOR Korea). We are a non-profit organization with its members representing twenty-two countries and territories across the globe.

The overarching aim of us being here is not merely to promote tourism but also to bridge the Korean community at large and those we serve for, providing a pathway to an arena of understanding, interaction, and cooperation on as many levels as feasible.

From the outset we as a group have envisioned ourselves as friends to connect to and count on as well as to collaborate with whenever the needs arise. It is also in this capacity that over the last three decades we have been privileged to enjoy building mutually trusted relationships between members and broadly inclusive ties with Korean society.

Serving my turn as the Chair of ANTOR Korea a t this juncture, I would like to make ever effort to see the legacy of cooperation continued and further strengthened. In doing so, it would be a joy if my experience in the field of tourism promotion for the past twenty years could be of some help.

With best regards,

Boyeong KIM

Chairperson, Antor Korea

c/o ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board


Mail : antorkorea2022@gmail.com

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